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2008, March 7

Palmistry dangerous for children?
Dutch political party CDA concerned about astrology and palmistry in playground Zeumeren

Dutch Source:

Monday, Februari 4, 2008

VOORTHUIZEN (The Netherlands) - Barneveldse CDA group is concerned about plans for astrology, palmistry and tarot card readings in the new indoor playground at Zeumeren. Initiator Jan van der Hoorn confirms that he thought this, but stressed that these activities are not intended for children. "We do not want children to come into contact with this kind of thing," says councillor Jaco Geurts.

He has written on this topic questions to mayor and law servers. "Through various worried residents of Voorthuizen, I was pointed to passages on the site of Van der Hoorn on proposed activities as astrology, tarot, palm reading, numerology, aura-reading and iriscopy in De Kas, the new children's playground," explains Geurts. "Here, we have our doubts as CDA. The initiative for an indoor playground on Zeumeren is fine, but this kind of activities we would rather not see. Seems to us not a good idea when children come into contact with tarot cards and palm reading. It is not for nothing that many schools in their curricula warn against the bad impact. These children learn that this is the mental health could be damaged." Geurts of the college would therefore know if there are possibilities for these practices from entering the children's playground. Van der Hoorn is somewhat surprised, but understands the reaction. "I intend to do something with a palm reader and other activities in this area, but that is separate from the children's playground," he says. "I think this area to have in the "wellness" of De Kas, where parents of children of experience. They are free to make this area or not to resign. Child have thus not completely in touch, I call nothing."

Palmistry dangerous for children?

Dutch Source:

Wednesday, February 7, 2008

Palm readers and aura photographers are dangerous to the mental health of children. That is the opinion of the political party CDA in Dutch Barneveld, which she wants to go from a playground ban. There will be a relaxation herein for parents, where a Palm reader or regular aura photographer. The CDA received complaints about it and has raised the matter. The CDA party wants the town a ban on such activities in the park investigating. [Source: Omroep Gelderland (NL)]

Previously we read all that the Vatican criticises Harry Potter and now give. I have even benefited from the politician who has raised this issue. Jaco Geurts (CDA) says that he asked about these planned activities in this playground in the field of astrology, tarot, palmistry, numerology and aura-reading and the fact that young visitors may have to expose states can go.

"As a town we can prohibit private initiative might be difficult, but from my experience with CDA-er, I would like to be a signal. Children must be protected against this. Soon, they still minds, we get calls or exit or something." Mr. Geurts says that these activities he has never personally experienced but read about this. And what is his opinion about Harry Potter? "If my children will soon be able to read, I will certainly not recommend these Harry Potter books" says the CDA representative. Well, who knows, Mr Geurts can still learn a bit from Harrie Potter, if he at least shows some interest.

No Palmists in the playground

Dutch Source:

Tuesday, February 27, 2008

VOORTHUIZEN - There will be no Palm readers nor aura photographers at the Aqua Kids Playground in Dutch Voorthuizen.

The town Barneveld find it inappropriate that children may come into contact with such spiritual activities. The owner looks on a provisional basis from now. The CDA called the spiritual activities dangerous to the mental health of children.

The park still has to be built, it would get an area where parents can leave their hand for example, read or their aura can have their photograph taken.



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