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Gene Therapy Tips!

Gene therapy

What to expect from Gene Therapy?

Gene therapy is the insertion of genes into an individual's cells and tissues to treat a disease, and hereditary diseases in particular. Gene therapy typically aims to supplement a defective mutant allele with a functional one.

Although the technology is still in its infancy, it has been used with some success. Antisense therapy is not strictly a form of gene therapy, but is often lumped together with them.

Be aware of safety!!!

For the safety of gene therapy, the Weismann barrier is fundamental in the current thinking. Soma-to-germline feedback should therefore be impossible. However there are indications that the Weissman barrier can be breached.

The Weismann barrier is the principle that hereditary information moves only from genes to body cells but never in reverse. In more precise terminology hereditary information moves only from germline cells to somatic cells (or soma to germline feedback is impossible). This is often confused with the central dogma of molecular biology which in its modern form states that information travels from DNA-RNA-protein.


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