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Barack Obama: The Hand of Power!
Palmist Lori Reid & hand analyst Ronelle Coburn about the tell-tale lines that reveal Obama's personality and his complex background.

Author: Martijn van Mensvoort

Palmist Lori Reid + hand analyst Ronelle Coburn present: hand reading of Barack Obama (updated: june 4, 2009)
Barack Obama: hands of good luck
The hands of Barack Obama - more palm reading articles (updated: march 21, 2009)

Barak Obama: the right hand.

Barak Obama hand reading by palmist Lori Reid.

Since januari 16, 2009 Barack Obama has his hands on the most powerful job in the Western world.
Palm readers & hand analysts have presented their 'hand readings' about Obama's hands. What do those hands reveal? This article presents a summary of the revelations presented by two top hand readers:
Lori Reid (British palmist & author of palmistry books), and Ronelle Coburn (US hand analyst & hand analysis author).

Both authors have described their interpretations about Barack Obama's hand shape (I), the length and width of his fingers (II), his palm (III), and his hand lines (IV). The first part of this article includes a summary of their readings.


• Palmist Lori Reid about Obama's hand shape:

"Mr Obama's hand (left) has extraordinarily long fingers and a long palm. This hand shape fits into a category known as The Water Hand and is a common feature of artists, writers and thinkers."

• Hand analyst Ronelle Coburn about Obama's hand shape:

"The most striking thing about Obama's hands is their narrow width and extreme length. The overall shape of someone's hands indicates the foundation of their personality and Obama's is a combination of the elements water and air indicating a very thoughtful, and even visionary approach to relationships."

"When someone with this hand shape can balance the two opposing elements of air ("let's be rational") with water ("let's do what the heart says") they can then take an objective, fair, and sensitive approach to issues which deeply affect the emotions and people's relationships."

Barak Obama's left hand reading by palmist Lori Reid.


• Palmist Lori Reid about Obama's fingers + thumb:

"The middle section of his fingers are very long which shows he is a good manager - he has excellent psychology and listens to what people say, although he prefers to come to his own conclusions."

"The little finger is particularly long in comparison to the other fingers and this reveals his exceptional talents as an orator. Unfortunately, the basal part, or phalanx of the little finger is on the chubby side - meaning he has the propensity to put on weight later in life."

"Mr Obama's index finger is set much lower into his palm than the other digits, which apparently signifies that he has felt disadvantaged at certain times in his life. A deeply inset index finger such as Obama's is generally found on people with a bit of a chip on their shoulder."

"His surprisingly long thumb is stretchy and bendable, which reflects his flexible nature but when push comes to shove, this is a man who knows his own mind. The sturdiness of his thumb suggests that he has an intensely strong mind."

• Hand analyst Ronelle Coburn about Obama's fingers + thumb:

"Obama's ring finger is long, especially in his left hand, and this denotes high levels of creativity that desire public expression. With a long ring finger he has a strong urge to offer his creative passionate ideas and insight to the public. The large knuckle at the base of his left thumb also reinforces this theme."

"All of the pictures taken at the end of the campaign and during the election show a tweak in Obama's right thumb. This is called the "grasping" thumb and it show stress in the zone of action-taking."

The hands of Barak Obama.


• Palmist Lori Reid about Obama's palm:

"On his palm, the Mount of Venus is particularly padded. This suggests that he is an exceedingly loving man."

• Hand analyst Ronelle Coburn about Obama's palm:

"This central major theme of deep feeling, sympathy, intuition, and psychological insight combined with rationality, objectivity, and a desire for fairness are found repeatedly over multiple markers in Obama's hands. For those of you reading who are students of the map of consciousness found in the hands, take a good look at both Obama's left and right hands to see how many markers you can find which reiterate this theme."


• Palmist Lori Reid about Obama's hand lines:

"The life line takes a wide route around the Mount of Venus, which indicates that he is a generous person. So judging by Obama's hand, he'll be the one buying all the drinks at the inauguration party next week. You can also assume, by the strength of this line, that he watches what he eats and hits the gym regularly."

"His heart line is very heavily delineated, which apparently means that he is emotionally strong. You can tell that he is a very private man because the line ends between his first and second fingers on his hand. This is not a man who likes to wear his heart on his sleeve."

"Mr Obama's head line is not typical for his hand shape. It should be steeply curved, indicating extreme imagination, but is fairly straight, suggesting that he is a logical and pragmatic man - a realist."

"He also has a pronounced sun line, which is thought to signify an inwardly very happy and contented individual, and a fate line that is very straight and marked - suitably enough given his new job, he is the kind of man who 'carries the weight of the world on his shoulders'."

• Hand analyst Ronelle Coburn about Obama's hand lines:

"Adding a nice boost to taking action, Obama's heart lines tell us that he has a fiery and passionate emotional system. Notice that the top main line in his hands, starting under his pinkies and curving sharply up to end near his middle fingers, is the strongest line in his hands. The curvier a line is the more emotional and expressive it is and this is the curviest heart line anyone can get! His "fire" heart line spurs him to take action on his thoughts and deep insight, rather than just sitting around philosophizing about things and never applying his ideas to the real world."

"Neither of Obama's head lines, the indicators of what kind of "computer" he has in his head, are tied to his "life" lines. Remember that the "life" line is NOT about how long you will live, it's about our orientation to family, group, tribe, and society-how "grounded" are you in yourself and in society in a way that makes you feel safe. When the head/thinking line is not connected to the life line (this occurs in 80% of African Americans and 20% of Caucasians... another story) the person's thinking is independent from family/society's way of thinking. This obviously has its upside potential and its downside potential. Visionary thinker? Or disassociated/disconnected from others with head in the clouds?"

"In Obama's case he has a nice balancer in the fact that he has strong life lines. This denotes a visionary type of thinking (someone who wants to look at the big picture and draw conclusions from seeing the system of things, not overly influenced by society) blended with a strong sense of "family" or society as a whole. This combination tells us that Obama thinks big picture thoughts about the whole system of things and how they impact the welfare of society and the world as a whole."


Palmist Lori Reid presents: The tell-tale lines that reveal Obama's complex personality
• Hand Analyst Ronelle Coburn (US) presents: Barack Obama's hands


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Taken from the
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Barak Obama's hands of good luck.

MARCH 21, 2009:


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