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Ronelle Coburn, hand analyst - Portland, Oregon [US]

Ronelle Coburn *******

IIHA Hand analyst (hand reader)
in Portland, Oregon [US] USA flag - hand reading network

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"Ronelle Coburn - IIHA Master Hand Analyst
Portland, OR - US

For 14 years, Ronelle Coburn, founder of has helped over 11,000 healers, cultural creatives, artists, leaders, entrepreneurs, and innerpreneurs discover their true Life Purpose so they can enjoy lives of extraordinary personal and professional fulfillment and contribute to making the world a better place. Ronelle has authored the bestselling book Destiny At Your Fingertips and been featured on NBC's Today Show, Woman's World,,, and Library Journal. She also teaches others worldwide how to read the powerful Instruction Manual for Life written in the fingerprints and is devoted to helping you discover the LIFE you LOVE to LIVE.

Ronelle offers private consultations and distance-based IIHA LifePrints training to students all over the world.

Visit to see videos of People on Purpose and answers to Ask Ronelle Questions on Ronelle's Talk To The Hand Show!"

Destiny at Your Fingertips

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Life Purpose mapping: palm reading, course & author


Facebook: Ronelle Coburn
Telephone: 971-255-1272


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