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Chelvam, astropalmist

Astropalmist Chelvam **

Palmist (hand reader)
in Melbourne [Balwyn North], Victoria - Australia [AUS] Australia flag - hand reading network

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Quote from Chelvam's website:

"Chelvam's personal motto is "Never lose sight of what you set out to achieve". Despite the many distractions that he goes through, Chelvam believes he will never gives up his goal of trying to perfect the ancient science of AstroPalmistry throughout his journey in life."

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Hindu Palmistry reading (+ Vedic astrology)


Facebook: Astropalmist Chelvam
LinkedIN: Chelvam Alfred
Tel: +61 3 98573148, or mobile : +61 3 412178188
Fax : +61 3 9857 3188


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