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Kenneth Lagerström, cheirologist

Kenneth Lagerström ******

Cheirologist (hand analyst)
in Burnaby, British Columbia (CAN) Canada flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Kenneth Lagerström:

"My lifetime fascination with the human hands comes from my father's lack of them. My studies in palmistry, hand gestures, meditation and other hand related fields are combined in the system known as Holistic Cheirology. By integrating analysis with applied palmar massage and directed internal energy, the hands can be used to identify, then correct, imbalances and other problem areas."

"Author of the E-COURSE:
Holistic Cheirology"

"Author of the E-BOOKS:
The Laymans Guide to Cheirology
Holistic Cheirology Course Manual"

- RADIOSHOW: 'Your Life is in Your Hands' by Kenneth Lagerström -

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Palm reading, Holistic Cheirology course, lectures, presentations, E-books & E-course


LinkedIN: Kenneth Lagerström
Phone: 1-604-298-4770; mobile: 604-831-7256


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