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Manfred Magg, chirologist (handleser) - Aichwald near Stuttgart, GER

Manfred Magg *****

Chirologist [Handleser]
in Aichwald near Stuttgart (GER) Germany flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Manfred Magg:

"Hand and Horoscope

The wisdom of palmistry and astrology goes back to ancient times. They complete each other in a very extensive way. If we combine them with modern spirituality and psychology it makes deep personal insights possible. It also tells us how to live in harmony with the cosmic rhythms. For that reason occidental astropalmistry is my special subject.

I have written the book:

Hand und Horoskop - Was Handlesen mit Astrologie verbindet, Chiron Verlag, Tübingen 2002, 255p.

The book is a complete course for beginners and advanced students in Western astropalmistry."

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Chirology reading [Handlesen] (+ astrology)


Telefon: +49 711 3051604
Mobil: +49 157 89215926


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