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Hand reading network in the state of Punjab (India): map!


Hand readers, palmists, palm readers, hand analysts & chirologists living in the state of Punjab (India):

» Chandigarh:

G.C. Bhargav
Devinder Kaushal
Dr. Raman
Prem Bhusan Sharma
Prem Kumar Sharma **

» Jalandhar:

Lalit Mohan

» Mohali:

Bhargava *
Manish Malhotra *
Geeta Sandhu
Pandit R.K. Sharma **

Hand reading experts in other states of India:
Hand readers & Palmists in India

Stars behind the expert names represent the following credibility marks:

* = Photo available
* = Website available
* = (Youtube) video available
* = Course available
* = Author of book(s)
* = Linkpartner
* = Top 100 books voter
* = Advanced Profile available
* = Accredited by an organization

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palm reading, palmistry, hand analysis & chirology