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" It was in the mid-90-s when I knew I had a special gift but I didn't know how to exercise it. I just 'felt' when things could go wrong or something in my daily life. I remember having that sort of feelings or 'warnings' when I left home and closed the door behind my back.

Soon, however, and after trying to decipher what was going through my mind, I knew that playing to read my friends hands could result in the answer to my interrogations. It all started like a game, but suddenly all people told me that the things I had told to them had resulted accurate in way or other. It was until the late 90's when my services were required but lots of people, mainly female teens who were my students at that time. They always looked for my help either to know what their lines said or to have advice on the problems they had.

People in Mexico have the firm belief that palm-reading is only to 'know' about their future, and that sort of practice is only regarded to folk women who dress with long skirts and are known as 'las gitanas' (gypsies), but when my work was widely know, that point of view changed a lot.

Now, 10 years later, I have read thousands of hands, from children to the elderly, many people in trouble, in a hurry and in a desperate love affair. They come home, and there was a time when every girl around used to make me stop my way in order to read her palms no matter my own business, I felt like if 'forced' to do the job.

I learnt a lot about the human mind and conduct, especially when they do it the wrong way, and I was a little disappointed with all their stories, as they all seemed to trust in me and I won their confidence.

Among some nice happenings dealing with Palm-reading, I can mention a lecture I gave at the Psychology University of UGM in the city of Cordoba, Mexico, and the many fortunate 'happy endings' I foretold (sort of) to some families in real problems and anguish.

I haven't written any books on the subject nor any text regarding this lovely art, only some articles on different fields of the Occult linked with Heavy Metal music, but I won't miss the opportunity to do it. "

'Leidademano': Leida de mano, means in Spanish 'Reading of a hand'.

Hand Analysis - Section: North America
Coscomatepec (Veracruz) - Mexico

Palmistry (Quiromancia)

Cell phone: (in Mexico) 271 125 79 69


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