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Janet Savage, hand analyst - Stowe, Vermont [US]

Janet Savage *******

IIHA Hand analyst (hand reader)
in Stowe, Vermont [US] USA flag - hand reading network

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"HandTales, Janet Savage

Janet Savage is a Master Hand Analyst (& Master Teacher) and faculty member of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). She provides private consultations, Certification Training in the IIHA hand and fingerprint system, workshops and retreats in Life Purpose discovery for individuals in transition and in business development for body, mind and spirit practitioners.

A storyteller by nature, she helps individuals and groups claim their personal story. She brings years of expertise in leadership training, health counseling, career development and adult education to her practice."


Visit the calendar for the upcoming events and classes.

You can live anywhere in the world. I do phone and Skype consultations worldwide. Here are your options.

Hand Wisdom

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Life Purpose mapping: palm reading, classes, author, career/relationship transitions, long term coaching & training presentations


Facebook: Janet Savage
Telephone: 802-279-8554


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