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Paul Fenton-Smith, palmist

Paul Fenton-Smith ******

Palmist (hand reader)
in Epping-Sydney, Australia [AUS] Australia flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Paul Fenton-Smith:

"Author and palmist Paul Fenton-Smith has been teaching palmistry since 1981, having first studied hand reading in 1978. As principal of the Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney, he offers certificate courses in palmistry and tarot reading, and is a regular guest on radio and television."

"Paul's book "Palmistry Revealed" is set out in the order you give a palm reading, starting with the backs of the hands and ending with the Lines of Children. Paul sees palmistry as a tool to discover your talents, and he urges clients to use free-will to make the most of opportunities life offers."

"Paul conducts one introductory certificate course in palmistry each year in Sydney in August and interstate courses from time to time. He also teaches tarot reading, psychic development, astrology, meditation and he lectures internationally."

Services Offered:
"Paul has a private practice in Sydney offering personal palmistry, astrology, tarot and pure clairvoyance readings, counselling and hypnotherapy sessions."

Author of the book:

Palmistry Revealed new edition (2017)

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Palmistry reading, course & author
(+ psychic, astrology & tarot)


Facebook: Paul Fenton-Smith
Phone: +61 (0)2 9876 4559


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