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Sarah Yip, palmist in Brisbane [AUS]

Sarah Yip ****

Palmist (hand reader)
in Brisbane [Chermside West / Macgregor], Australia [AUS] Australia flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Sarah Yip:

"My readings are honest, friendly and very accurate. I specialise in love and career guidance, as these are the areas that bring me the greatest happiness in life."

"Palmistry Readings:
Palmistry is a wonderful tool that gives a broad overview of your personality and opportunities in life. I am an experienced palmist who has read for hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the past eight years. Palmistry works because your palms are an ever-changing imprint of your thoughts and actions to date. During our session I will examine the patterns in your hands and fingerprints to explain your life journey, including the types of people and events you are attracting."

"Palmistry Tuition:
Anyone can become a great palmreader with the right attitude and training. I would love to work with you to answer any questions you have on palmistry. I am an experienced and practical teacher with a background in one on one training."

"It's important to choose a reader that you feel safe and connected with. I hope that this page gives you a sense of what I offer, and that we will meet soon."

Quote from Sara's website:

"During your reading I'll reveal your soul's journey, based on your name, hands and DOB. As an ex-scientist, my advice is practical and focused. All readings are recorded and I maintain a high standard of integrity."

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E-mail, phone and in person palm reading, palmistry tuition (+ holistic counselling, clairvoyance & tarot & numerology)


Facebook: Sarah Yip
LinkedIN: Sarah Yip
SMS: 0408 898 028 (Please text rather than calling)


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