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Lynn Seal, palmist - Torquay, England

Lynn Seal *******

Palmist (chirologist - UK C.S. ACCREDITED)
in Torquay, Devon (ENG) England flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Lynn Seal:

"I am one of the few hand readers in the world to have studied both traditional palmistry and cheirology based on the elements. I do private handreadings and run courses in hand analysis in Torquay, Devon, England - where I also help my friend to teach Tarot reading. And I do some talks & readings at mind, body & spirit fairs, have featured in magazines and radio interviews. The internet enables me to do online readings for people from all over the world."

"I co-moderate two discussion groups on hand analysis:
Modern Hand Reading Forum - a new hand reading forum open to all;
Palmistry Primal Focus Group - online palmistry forum open to all.

And I love to talk about palmistry and to share ideas with other handreaders!"

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Palmistry reading, (live) course (+ tarot reading)


Phone: 01803 21135


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