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- Profile page: Aftab Abassi, palmist & astrologist in Hyderabad [PAK] -


Aftab Abassi, palmist

Aftab Abassi **

Palmist (Palm Reader)
in Hyderabad [PAK] Pakistan flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Aftab Abassi:

"Skill/Service Details: I'm Conducting research in PALMISTRY's heart line & brain line, I'm experineced to verify the palms of prominent personalities.

I have the mysterious psychic ability. to see the past, look at the present, and feel the future by the vibrations that you give and the guidance yours troubles and worries can vanish."

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Palmistry reading (+ astrology, numerology & psychic readings)


Facebook: Astrologer Aftab Abassi
Skype: astrologer40
Cell phone: 03333268302



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