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TAROT CARDS: Tarot Cards are considered to be fortune-telling and life-revealing in nature, therefore we believe that perhaps some gypsy folk traveled from Greek into Europe and introduced the cards there. And perhaps the earliest known Tarot decks are Italian because they were beautifully handpainted and restored. Yes, it was also a traditional card game.

We think the card game could also have been a 'Front' for their true purpose. In those days, it wasn't wise to say, do, or think differently than what the church recommended. (Galileo had extreme difficulty doing that TWO-HUNDRED YEARS later). So we believe that the Tarot was used for psychological purposes (and mystic healing) from the start. From there, we believe that the French probably.

Be aware!!!

Actually, tarot readers have something in common with angels: they are messengers too! Do you believe in angels?

Ten out of the eleven of us in class said we believed angels really exist. Throughout history, they have been known to be messengers of the divine, guides and enablers. They can cause or solve problems. Wald referred to angels as the "executive bureaucracy of God" and said in summary: "Angels get things done."


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