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Amy Garner, palmist & intuitive psychic - London, England

Amy Garner *****

Palmist (palm reader)
in London (ENG) England flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Amy Garner:

"The following books I have found useful and would recommend for further reading:

Lori Reid - The Art of Hand Reading
W.G. Benham - Benham Book of Palmistry
Fred Gettings - Palmistry
Nathaniel Altman - The Palmistry Workbook
Edward D. Campbell - The Encyclopedia of Palmistry
Frank Clifford - Palmistry for Today
Richard Unger - LifePrints

I am a palm reader of 20 years and run weekly talks on palmistry, as well as private readings, in Islington, London."


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Palmistry readingclases, workshop, classes, events & talks (+ intuitive psychic)


Facebook: Amy Garner - Soul Support


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