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Asif Amin, palmist

Asif Amin **

Palmist (Palm Reader)
in Karachi [PAK] Pakistan flag - hand reading network

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"First of all, many thanks to Martijn van Mensvoort for giving me honor and included my name in his respectable and honorable Palm Reading Network. I got my professional post graduation degree in International Relations and did my graduation in Commerce both from a well reputable institution University of Karachi in Pakistan.

Presently, I am working in a financial institution. I have been learning palmistry since 1998 and involve in a research work individually. I met many palmists some of them are well known like Professor M.A Malik, Hamza Farooqi, etc. I also took help and learnt palmistry from many experts. I am regularly user of online Palmistry forums and my favorite Palmistry forum is Palmistry International Forum (formerly) and now Modern Hand Reading Forum, I am active user of that mentioned forum. My favorite palmist is Professor M.A Malik because I read his almost all researched work and took some research guidance by him. I am a big fan of Martijn van Mensvoort from Netherland for his researched work, expertise and for his famous and remarkable website I like also Lynn Seal from England.

I help people by palm reading especially guide them psychologically in a well manner. I try my best to assist people and remove their misconception about palm reading. "

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