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Decoding the Hand with Multi-Perspective Hand Reading!

This site is focussed on decoding the language of the hand by means of Multi-Perspective Hand Reading.

A large series of Scientific Hand Charts is presented covering many Diagnostic Themes, including: the Big Five personality dimensions + major psychological-, psychiatric- & medical conditions. And a sitemap is also available, featuring 34 major items of this site!

This site (with 1800+ pages) was build on top of 25 years hand reading research experience + combined with 350 hand reading news articles with materials collected around the world.

The contents relate to the fields associated with the diagnostic practice of 'hand reading' - which is a.k.a. scientific hand analysis, psychodiagnostic chirology, chiromancy, chirognomy, predictive palmistry & medical palm reading.

NOTE: Multi-Perspective Hand Reading exhibits the future of palm reading & palmistry, which will become focussed much more on combining major hand sign variations (to be found in multiple dimensions of the hand), such as: hand behaviors, hand shape, finger length [e.g. 2D:4D digit ratio, pinky], fingernails [e.g. vertical nail ridges & yellow nails], fingerprints [e.g. arches, radial loops & hypothenar whorls], and the hand lines [e.g. Sydney line & simian line]. Find more hand signs with the hand sign tutor!


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These are the 9 levels of the hand used in
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Multi-perspective hand reading: 9 hand levels!