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Picture below displays hand charts for the Big Five personality dimensions Conscientiousness, Extraversion & Neuroticism;
each pair of hands describes the most typical combinations involving hand shape, finger lengths, major creases, palmar dermatoglyphics & fingerprints for high- and low scorers in each personality dimension (high resolution version available HERE).

Hand charts: hand signs in the Big Five personality dimensions Conscientiousness, Extraversion & Neuroticism!

A major item on this site represents the Scientific Hand Charts Collection, which
provides the opportunity to explore the major principle used in Multi-Perspective Hand Reading.

E.g. featured with hand charts focussed on the Big Five personality dimensions Conscientiousness, Extraversion & Neuroticism {the other two dimensions - Agreeableness & Openness to Experience - are planned for 2017}:

• [1] Hand sign constellations in Conscientiousness (vs. Disinhibition), october 2016
• [2] Hands sign constellations in Extraversion (vs. Introversion), january 2015
• [3] Hand sign constellations in Neuroticism (vs. Emotional Stability), november 2015

{• [4] Hand sign constellations in Agreeableness (vs. Antagonism), not yet available}
{• [5] Hand signs in Openness to Experience (vs. Closedness), not yet available}

- The Big Five model is designed to describe the (full) 'color-spectrum' of a personality -

Overview of the full Big Five personality model.

TIP - A masterclass in scientific hand reading:

Decoding The Language of The Hand:
how to find 38 conditions with just 54 major hand signs!

Structure of a DNA polymerase for the hand, including: palm, fingers & thumb.

Pinky: never underestimate your little finger.

The sydney line.


The most common used synonyms in the international fields
of Hand Reading in English language are:

Palmistry - Palm reading - Hand Analysis - Chirology - Chiromancy - Chirognomy

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