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Decoding the Hand with Multi-Perspective Hand Reading!

This site is focussed on Decoding the Language of the Hand with Multi-Perspective Hand Reading. For this purpose a large series of Scientific Hand Charts is presented covering many Diagnostic Themes, including: the Big Five personality dimensions + major psychological-, psychiatric- & medical conditions!

This site was build on top of 25 years experience collected around the world in the fields associated with the diagnostic practice of 'hand reading' - which is a.k.a. scientific hand analysis, psychodiagnostic chirology, chiromancy, chirognomy, predictive palmistry & medical palm reading.

NOTE: Multi-Perspective Hand Reading exhibits the future of palm reading & palmistry: which is about combining hand sign variations, such as: hand behaviors & -motorics, hand shape, fingers shapes, skin qualities, fingernails, dermatoglyphics, and/or hand lines

Multi-perspective hand reading: palmistry & palm reading research!


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The final items involve the Big Five personality model, a.k.a. the 'Five Factor Model' (FFM) - which includes 30 facets that together represent the Big Five dimensions. Also, an innovative model featuring 20 Big Five personality profiles is presented.


System for Big Five personality profile interpretation derived from personality disorder prototypes: 20 profiles (with frames) + the 30 Big Five facets & meta-components!