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Colonic Hydrotherapy:
colonics & colon therapies!

Colonic hydrotherapy: colonics & colon therapies

What to expect from colonic hydrotherapy?

A colonic hydrotherapy is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your colon, as it washes out residue wastes and toxins out of your colon, strengthens and smoothens it, effectively providing a suitable environment for bacterial balance. In a colonic hydrotherapy session, the patient will lie down in a table, where warm and filtered water will be infused into your colon, through the rectum. This infusion of water washes away toxic wastes stuck in your colon, and stimulates peristalsis - which helps release the fecal matter out.

Is the entire procedure safe? This is perhaps, the most asked frequently asked question and the answer is a resounding Yes. There have not been many cases, if any of people getting injured from a colon hydrotherapy. Many centers use the newest equipment. A hydrotherapy is in fact safer than adminstering a normal enema to yourself. These are trained experts that know how to do this, and who have done the procedure many times before.


Be aware: the preperation!!!

The experience is not painful, even if it sounds a tad awkward. But before going to a session, it would be smart to prepare yourself by doing the following: (1) Do not drink liquids 1 hour before the therapy. (2) Do not eat anything 2 hours beforehand. (3) Do not drink anything carbonated 2 days before the therapy. (4) Do not consume any "junk" such as fatty foods, packaged and processed foods. (5) Come to the session with a positive outlook in life.

If you come in depressed, it might make the procedure a bit painful. And ... does colonic hydrotherapy hurt a lot? Not at all. The first session felt a little awkward for me, but I didn't felt any pain. Afterwards, the sessions actually felt quite calm and relaxing. I felt no pain whatsoever.



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