- Hand Reading Course (1/33): INTRODUCTION -


- Most people consider 'handanalysis & science' traditionally as a mission-impossible. Nevertheless, during the past decenia far most general practitioners have been using the patient's hands as a diagnostic tool - in order to signalize underlying medical problems.

- By the way, the content of traditional handanalysis literature does not show much proof that the handanalysis authors are aware of the many relevant scientific studies & hand diagnostics. Anyhow, literally thousands of studies have been executed to study the relationship between: 1 - the patterns of the palms and soles ('dermatoglyphics'), and: 2 - the development of diseases and syndromes. Many succes stories have been reported in various scientific resources!

- Modern handanalysis literature does only occasionally mention the success stories of their scientific 'Big Brother'. The consequence of this lack of solid content is that - despite the many relevant scientific developments - handanalysis is still merely associated with 'future predictions' and 'gypsies'.

- This course will present you an overview of the relevant diagnostic hand tools which are produced by modern science. Next to the medical diagnostic hand tools, the attention will be focussed on the insights of other scientific branches, such as: modern psychiatry and modern psychology. On top of an overview of the most relevant developments during the past decenia, one will be informed about the causale relationship between genes and the dermatoglyphics of the human hand.

- March 2016 update -

A brand new masterclass mini-course in scientific hand reading is available:

Decoding The Language of The Hand:
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- Hand Reading Course -


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palmistry - palm reading - hand analysis - chirology - chiromancy - chirognomy

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