Hand signs in Down Syndrome:
case study 2 (male)

Scientific Hand Analysis:
Diagnostic-Assessment for DOWN SYNDROME!

The hand in Down syndrome: case 2

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The hand in Down syndrome: case 2.


Is DOWN SYNDROME confirmed for case 1 via
the 4 requirements for Down syndrome?

An analysis of the individual hand signs:

1st major perspective: FUNCTION:

• Level 1 - HAND BEHAVIORS in Down syndrome:

(No hand signs identified yet)

• Level 2 - HAND MOTORICS in Down syndrome:

2-1 - UNKNOWN Hyper extensible finger joints
2-2 - YES Hypotonia (low muscle tone)
2-3 - UNKNOWN Palmomental reflex

2nd major perspective: PROPORTION

• Level 3 - HAND SHAPE in Down syndrome:

3-1 - UNKNOWN Small hands (hand length < 10 % of body length)
3-2 - NO High hand index: palm width vs. hand length (ratio > 47 %)

• Level 4 - PALM SHAPE in Down syndrome:

4-1 - NO Short palm length vs. palm width (squarish shaped: ratio > 85 %)

• Level 5 - FINGER SHAPES in Down syndrome:

5-1 - YES Abnormally short fingers [brachydactyly]
5-2 - NO Thumb: short (low set) position
5-3 - YES Pinky finger: very short
5-4 - NO Incurved pinky finger [clinodactyly]

3rd major perspective: SKIN

• Level 6 - SKIN RELATED QUALITIES in Down syndrome:

(No hand signs identified yet)

• Level 7 - FINGERNAILS in Down syndrome:

7-1 - UNKNOWN Very short fingernails [brachyonychia]
7-2 - UNKNOWN Very small fingernails [micronychia]

• Level 8 - DERMATOGLYPHICS in Down syndrome:

8-1 - YES Fingerprints: 10 ulnar loops
8-2 - NO Fingerprints: radial loop ringfinger (+ ulnar loop index finger)
8-3 - NO Fingerprints: radial loop pinky (+ ulnar loop index finger)
8-4 - YES Palmar ridge line A: ends btw. pinky finger & distal transverse crease (both hands)
8-5 - YES Palmar ridge line B: ends btw. pinky & ring finger (both hands)
8-6 - YES Palmar ridge line C: ends btw. ring- & middle finger (both hands)
8-7 - NO Palmar triradius C (left hand): missing or 'abortive
8-8 - NO Palmar ridge line D: radial exit [btw. index finger & thumb]
8-9 - YES Alignment of ridges over the distal palmar area: 'transverse'
8-10 - YES Palmar axial triradius: atd angle 57o or larger
8-11 - YES Palmar axial triradius: distally displaced (t") [(distance btw. axial triradius and the triradius below middle finger is typically smaller than distance between triradius below index finger and triradius below the pinky)]
8-12 - NO Hypothenar [mount of moon]: 3 or more triradii
8-13 - NO Hypothenar [mount of moon]: whorl
8-14 - YES Hypothenar [mount of moon]: large ulnar loops
8-15 - YES Dysplasia: palmar ridge dissociation [broken skin ridges]

8C-1 - NO Pattern on thenar [mount of venus]

• Level 9 - (MAJOR) LINES in Down syndrome:

9-1 - 1/2 Simian crease (both hands)
9-2 - 1/2 Sydney line (both hands)
9-3 - NO Distal transverse crease (heart line): extended
9-4 - NO 5th finger interphalangeal creases: single crease

Are the 4 'Multi-Perspective Palm Reading'
for the hand in Down syndrome met?

-D.S. REQUIREMENT no.1: The person requires to have significant hand signs for Down syndrome in 4 of the 5 major perspectives of the hand, including: proportion, skin, palm & fingers YES

- D.S. REQUIREMENT no.2: The person requires to have at least 5 of the 15 hand signs that relate to the dermatoglyphics (= level 8) YES

- D.S. REQUIREMENT no.3: The person requires to have at least 1 of the 7 possible hand signs that relate directly to the pinky finger YES

- D.S. REQUIREMENT no.4: The person requires to have at least 8 out of the 32 listed hand signs YES


The hands of this person (who has Down syndrome) meet all 4 requirements for the hand in Down syndrome. He also has 6 of the TOP 10 hand signs for Down syndrome, and his 13 significant hand signs for Down syndrome are found in 4 out of 9 levels of the hand. Therefore the hand markers in this person firmly confirm his diagnosis: Down syndrome!

[Large version of his hands is presented below]

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NOTICE: a HIGH-RESOLUTION picture of 'Down syndrome case 2' is available! - Click:

The hand in Down syndrome: case 2.

* Synonyms for Down's syndrome are: trisomy 21, trisomy G, mosaic 21 syndrome, translocation 21 syndrome, mongolism.

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