The following links present a guided tour around various websites on the World-Wide-Web, such as:

  • PalmReading PageRank: The TOP 50 of the most visited palmistry websites
  • The HANDRESEARCH Fingernail-Encyclopedia
  • The ABC of Alternative Health Care
  • Would you like to get a FREE on-line palm reading? (various options)
  • Phenomenal websites!!!
  • Practical medical websites! (very interesting for scientific minded people)
  • Recent PubMed publications
  • Some websites which include the names of professional handanalysts
  • And finally some partner websites

    Practical medical websites!

  • BBC-i presents: FINGER PRINTS A series offering a handful of cultural and medical insights.
  • REDBOOK diet & health: Your health is in your hands
  • Dagblad van het Noorden: Vijf vingers aan iedere hand is ijzeren natuurwet [Dutch]
  • Review: Digit Ratio : A pointer to fertility, behavior and health
  • Nail-Tutor An image-based personal computer program that teaches the anatomy, patterns of pathology, and disorders of the nails.
  • www.e-fingernail.com
  • www.lichaamstaal.com

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