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Finger fairy tale: 'How Five Fingers Became Friends!'

Aug 10, 2008 (+ Sep 7, 2014 UPDATE: Osho's philosophical treatment 'Five Fingers')

Finger beach sculpture.

Once upon a time there were five fingers. As they were talking among themselves a debate erupted that centered around which of them was the most important.

"I am," said the thumb. "Without me the hand could not grasp anything."

"Oh yeah," returned the index finger, "I am the only one who can point to all the different things in the world."

"Excuse me my finger friends, but I am longer and stand taller than all of you. Is that not visible proof of my greater importance?" said the middle finger.

"Hold on," replied the ring finger. "Love is the most important thing in the world, and when people get married they put their wedding ring on me."

"I am the most important finger because I represent culture and sophistication," quipped the pinky finger. "I am the one people raise when drinking quality tea, wine, or champagne."

Finger on a beach.
Fingers: pinky fingers.

(Continuation of the 'Finger fairly tale')

The discussion between the five fingers soon turned into a heated argument. And they began to make unflattering remarks about each other.

The index finger pointed out to the thumb, "If you were so important we would be all thumbs and become clumsy at everything we did. I'm number one because I am the finger people raise up to express being number one."

"But I can negate everything you say with a simple thumbs down motion," said the thumb as it made a downward turn.

"None of you have my stature," responded the middle finger.

"But you have no class," argued the little pinky back at the middle finger.

"You are all drab and nothing special," said the ring finger. "I shine next to all of you because only I am wearing gold"

Suddenly an angel appeared and asked the five fingers why they were arguing.

"We want to know which one of us is the most important finger," said the little pinky.

"Perhaps you can tell us who is best," said the ring finger to the angel.

"You all are important," said the angel. "That is why God made five fingers for each hand. When you team up together you can do much more than what you can do alone. Cooperation allows you to work with tools to build things, write books, create art and play musical instruments, and most of all, give a helping hand to others."

"I can grasp that," said the thumb.

"You make an excellent point," followed the index finger.

The other fingers soon began to bend as well to what the angel was saying.

"The world would be turned into heaven if all fingers got together from everywhere to hold hands and help each other," said the wise angel.

"Yes," acknowledged the ring finger, "that is what true love is all about."

The fingers were now all in agreement and made an "okay" sign to the angel as she disappeared into the blue sky above the clouds. They all vowed that they would spend the rest of their lives cooperating and reaching out to others.

Source: The God Guy


'Five Fingers'

"You see my five fingers, but somebody can see the five gaps between my fingers.

Ordinarily you will not see the gaps, you will see five fingers.
But the gaps are more real: fingers may come and go, gaps will remain."

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