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Long ring finger linked with traffic violations!

- New research from Germany points out that men with long ring fingers may more easily drive too fast -

Usain Bolt has a fast sprint - but he enjoys driving fast cars as well: resulting in a car crash (april, 2009).

Various studies pointed out that long ring fingers are linked with athletic outperformance, including a fast sprint. New research from Germany points out that men with long ring fingers may more easily drive too fast - indicated by more (self-reported) traffic violations.

Before describing the details of the new finger length research from Germany, it may be interesting to take notice of the anecdotal story about Usain Bolt.

Hands on steering wheel of a car.


Before describing the details of the new finger length research from Germany, it may be interesting to take notice of the anecdotal story about Usain Bolt. The world's fastest man's car crash earlier this year in the UK: while he luckely escaped serious injuries when he lost control of his high-speed sports car earlier this year (april 2009).

You can see the full report about Bolt's car crash in the Youtube video below ... oh, and if you didn't notice yet:

Jamaicans have the long ring finger!!!


Men with long fingers drive faster!!

On august 19, 2009 German researchers Andreas Schwerdtfeger, Regina Heims and Johannes Heer (from Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz) published the following study in Accident Analysis and Prevention journal:


Digit ratio (2D:4D) is associated with traffic violations for male frequent car drivers.

Digit ratio (2D:4D) is a putative marker of prenatal hormone exposure. A lower digit ratio has been suggested as an index of higher testosterone relative to estrogen exposure during prenatal development. Digit ratio has been associated with a variety of psychological sex-dimorphic variables, including spatial orientation, aggression, or risk-taking behavior. The present study aimed to relate digit ratio to traffic violations for a male sample (N = 77) of frequent car drivers. Digit ratio was assessed via printout scans of the hand, and traffic offense behavior was assessed via self-reported penalty points as registered by the Central Register of Traffic Offenders in Germany. In addition, social desirability and sensation seeking were recorded. Results showed that digit ratio was inversely related to penalty point entries, suggesting more traffic violations for individuals with higher prenatal testosterone exposure. Sensation seeking was positively associated with traffic violations, but there was no relationship between sensation seeking and digit ratio, proposing additive effects of both variables. The results suggest that prenatal androgen exposure might be related to traffic violations for frequent car drivers.

What preceeded the German study? - A short review by The Guardian:

Numerous studies have shown that a long wedding ring finger compared to the index finger in men can have a powerful effect on health and behaviour.

Research suggests it is linked with increased male aggression and risk-taking. But it also means men are better at sports such as athletics and football, more likely to succeed in the cut-throat world of high finance and may even be more fertile than those with shorter ring fingers.

Scientists believe exposure to greater levels of testosterone in the womb affects the way the brain works later in life. The hormone appears to promote more masculine behaviour. But it also seems to activate growth of the wedding ring finger by stimulating testosterone receptors in bone.

Men with long ring fingers not only drive too fast, they also overtake on dangerous roads and park illegally more frequently!

In the latest study, researchers at the University of Mainz, in Germany, recruited 77 male drivers at an average age of 38. Each volunteer had their left hand scanned to measure the difference in length between the ring and index fingers.

They then had to provide details of all driving offences within the previous five years. Just over a third of the drivers reported having penalty points on their licences, ranging from one to 20, for offences ranging from speeding to drink driving.

The results, published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, showed men with longer ring fingers were more likely to have offended.

In a report on their findings the researchers said: 'A longer ring finger than index finger was related to more traffic violations. Hormone exposure in the womb might increase traffic violations in later life.'

But the results do not necessarily mean women are better drivers:

Research carried out in 2005 at the University of Giessen, also in Germany, found low testosterone levels in women drivers who tend to have shorter ring fingers affected their spatial skills, such as map reading and ability to park properly.


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