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APRIL 9, 2008

Some things you may like to know about Palmistry
Palmistry is an art of hand study.

Author: Sangeetha Nair -

Palmistry is an art of hand study. It is a personalised method of self-discovery on how your hand reflects your life. It used to be an art in the ancient times but has now transformed into a science.

Ancient palmistry is not founded on solid ground. It was often conditioned by hit-and-miss methods and overlaid with dogmas of superstitions, guesswork and observations.

In the 20th century, palmistry caught the attention of the scientific world. People began to do practical tests and statistical investigations on palmistry.

Palmistry is now more systematic, cohesive, refined and more acceptable.

Anyone can learn palmistry. It is very simple to learn the basics but itís hard to understand it.


Palmistry is one of the most difficult subjects to master. Most practitioners combine other methods to make their reading more comprehensive.

Tarrot card reading is the art of reading symbols and images from picture cards. Tarrot cards tap into the personís consciousness. It tells of the personís past, present and future. It originates from Egypt but has its early influence from Europe as early as the 14th century. Not everyone can master tarrot card reading. Psychic ability lies dormant in everyone until it is further cultivated. With practice, you shape your senses.



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