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Height, digit ratio (2D:4D) and sex differences!


JUNE 14, 2008

Height, digit ratio (2D:4D) and sex differences.
Association of height and weight with second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) and sex differences.

Research presented by: C. Barut, U. Tan & A. Dogan - Karaelmas University

Finger length ratio relates to body length in various populations (update: december 16, 2008)

Height & digit ratio

Sex difference in 2D:46 digit ratio was studied in 386 right-handed students. The lengths of index (2D) and ring (4D) fingers were measured using a caliper. Height and weight of participants were recorded.

Body height correlated negatively with right- and left-hand digit ratios in the total sample (N = 386); correlations were significant for the left-hand digit ratio of men and for the right-hand digit ratio of women (no significant correlations with weight). Males had a significantly lower 2D:4D ratio than females. After controlling for height, sex differences in right- and left-hand digit ratios completely disappeared.

The results suggest that height of adults reflecting prenatal hormone status may play a role in differences between men and women in 2D:4D digit ratio for right-handers.

SOURCE: Perception and motor skills

DECEMBER 16, 2008 update:

Finger length ratio relates to body length in various populations

'Finger Guru' John T. Manning presented in his first book 'Digit Ratio' an overview of data related to the 'digit ratio' in 10 populations from Poland, Spain, Hungary, Hungary gypsy, Germany, India, Zulu (South-Africa), Finland & Jamaica. This data (Manning, Barley, et al.; 2000) points out that e.g. in Spanish & British people (both populations for both men and women) a significant HIGHER '2D:4D digit ratio' (the ratio between the index- and ring finger) was found, compared to for example the finger ratio in Finish & German people (again in both populations for both men and women).

Interestingly, especially Spanish people, and in a lesser degree British people as well, are known for their (relatively) short body height - while Germans & Fins are known for their moderelately longer body height (compared to the Spanish & British): see the figure below. This implicates that there appears to be a strong link between the Turkish study which was published in 2008, and the earlier population evidence presented by John T. Manning!!

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