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Publication: november 18, 2015

Hand Charts for Klinefelter syndrome!

Klinefelter syndrome (= XXY syndrome) is a genetic condition in which a human male has an extra male (Y) chromosome, giving a total of 47 chromosomes instead of the more usual 46. This produces a 47,XXY karyotype.

Prevalence: occurs every 1 in 1,000 male births.

Two hand charts are available for Klinefelter syndrome describing the significance of various typical dermatoglyphic features often combined with an incomplete simian line (= single transverse flexion crease) - see pictures below.

NOTICE: Individual hand features described below should not get associated in isolation with any theme; only combinations involving multiple hand levels have potential for diagnostic purposes.

Hand chart for Klinefelter syndrome - Hautleistenfibel (1981).
Hand chart source:
Hautleistenfibel (1981), p.93;
authors: A. Rodewald & H. Zankl

Hand chart for Klinefelter syndrome - Handbook of Clinical Dermatoglyphs (1971).
Hand chart source:
Handbook of Clinical Dermatoglyphs (1971), p.41;
authors: M.S. Elbualy & J.D. Schindeler

Other significant hand signs (not reported inside the hand chart):

Klinefelter's syndrome has also been associated with tremor, but reports on tremor phenomenology and treatment are limited (source: M.L. Rabin et al., 2015).

Various studies report high occurence of left-handedness in KS males, but there are also studies which report conflicting results - so the effect is likely small (source: R. Boada et al., 2009).

Hand length & finger length are often short (source: D. Stemkens et al., 2006).

One study reports: "KS males have mean 2D:4D values similar to those found in female population norms" and "short fingers relative to height in KS males" (source: J.T. Manning et al., 2013). Higher 2D:4D values in KS have also been confirmed in a Danish study (S. Chang et al, 2014).

All significant hand signs listed above for Klinefelter syndrome together cover five out of the nine perspectives of the hand as defined according Multi-Perspective Hand Reading (including hand level 1, 2, 5, 8 & 9).

A summary of the most significant hand sign combinations in Klinefelter syndrome is described here:

Decoding the language of the hand:
hand sign combinations in Klinefelter syndrome!

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