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'What is the future of handanalysis?'

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Bird's eye view on 10 years research

In this section I present an overview of the research projects which I have conducted in the past 10 years. A summary of the various studies is presented HERE. The relations among the various research results are surprizingly harmonious!

What is the future of handanalysis?

At the beginning of the 21-th century the situation appears to be that the future of handanalysis (palm reading) depends on two factors:

  • On the one side during the 20-th century medical researchers have have proven that hand features can be used as an indicator in the perspective of the diagnosis of various medical states [read more].

  • On the other side traditional handanalysts have discovered that handanalysis can be used as a practical resource and support in the perspective of psychotherapy [read more].

  • Anno 2008 one must also notice that there is hardly a joint interest - nor concerted action - among medical researchers and traditional handanalysts. When this impass is not broken it is very likely that in the future handanalysis - palmistry or palm reading - will still be associated with the speculative activities of ‘alternative’ therapists [read more].

    The handanalysis students experiment indicates that people are seduced easily to provide positive feedback. Combined with the results of the handanalysts experiment one can derive that the positive experiences which are reported during the practice of handanalysis by ‘alternative’ therapists, are likely for a great deal the result of the interaction between the handanalyst (palmist or palm reader) and the client [the Barnum-effect]. We can understand this observation in the perspective of the fact that the harmonious results of scientific studies have indicated that the effect of 'acknowledged' psychotherapies merely depends on whether there is a hit off between the therapist and the client [the Dodo-effect].

    A new perspective will not appear before academic research confirms that the hand can be used indeed as an objective resource for the diagnosis of psychological characteristics. In the sections autism en neuroticism I present some research material which indicates that very likely this might appear to be a specialization where bare eye observations are possibly not good enough.

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